This page is not about science. It is about some aspects of myself.

I grew up in Pondicherry, a quiet and lazy town in the south eastern coast of India. I love animals in general, although I should admit a special fondness for dogs. I'm also vegan for this reason. This choice is also loosely based on Peter Singer's argument that while we might be intellectually superior to our cousins in the evolutionary tree of life, we are similar to animals in our capacity to experience pain and to suffer.

I'm quite passionate about South Indian Classical Music (carnatic music), which I actively learn and play on the fretless electric guitar. I often find myself not living up to the lofty ideals of classical music, and for precisely this reason, I don't consider myself anything more than an amateur dabbling in this grand art form. I occasionally upload a few recordings online for fun:

1. I recorded this quite a while back for my parents - Muddusvami Dikshitar's Anandamrtakarshini in Amritavarshini.
2. I performed this for an international students event at Caltech with a very talented friend of mine, Anupama Lakshmanan - Muddusvami Dikshitar's Matangi Shri Rajarajeshwari in Ramamanohari.

I plan to upload more, and hopefully better, recordings when I find some time. Thanks for your interest!